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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Santa Cruz Toys-for-Tots

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and Toys for Tots deliver a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters, helping them to become responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. ROSENTHAL PLUMBING, teams up with PATCHEN California, in the Santa Cruz Mountains to benefit Toys For Tots with Holiday bargains at wholesale prices, and every sale results in a cash donation.

Order here to put a Toys for Tots Christmas tree in every front yard plus trees & wreaths for your home. More info, contact Irene at 831-476-4756 
or irene@rosenthalplumbing.com 
-  Order by - Nov 19
-  Pickup - Dec 7 @ 2264 Chanticleer, Santa Cruz

Item Name Available Source Price   Quantity
Front Yard Tree Combination
1000 q $25.00  
Wreath-Garland Combination
1000 q $35.00  
Living Room Tree Combination
1000 q $45.00  
PATCHEN California Credit Voucher
1000 q $55.00  

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