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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Quality Guarantee

REAL Christmas trees are never perfect. Like each of us, they all have unique features and personalities. Some trees appear more perfect than others, but we expect them all to be fresh, clean, and free of defects that would detract from their natural beauty.

The United States Department of Agriculture published a standard in 1989 titled, United States Standards for Grades of Christmas Trees (USDA-Std) that describes defect categories and loosely defines certain criteria for establishing qualify Grades. The USDA-Std is not suitable as an inspection document because the criteria lack sufficient specificity to be objectively measured.

Quality specifications for Christmas Trees

A document has been developed that builds on the USDA-Std and puts forth objective criteria which can be measured and are therefore not subject to misinterpretation. It is not intended to expand the scope of the USDA-Std nor to change it in any way; only to clarify its original intent.

Currently this new specification is used exclusively by Old Summit Forest Products and its growers to assure our wholesale customers that their tree quality will measure up to expectations.

It is a draft document and as such, growers are invited to review and comment on it, as are retailers and individual consumers, as it evolves and changes. To review the entire document and receive periodic updates, please make sure you are subscribed to the HTML version of our newsletter

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