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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tree-Fresh Products

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Biodegradable Fresh-Patch Biodegradable Fresh-Patch

NO MORE sap on hands and clothes!
NO MORE recutting stump at home!
NO MORE premature drying out!

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12 Hassles of Christmas

(and their solutions)
  1. Sap on Hands, Car & Clothes
  2. Re-cutting Stem at Home
  3. Premature Drying Out
  4. Rusty Leaking Stand
  5. Clamps, Screws & Gadgets
  6. Constant Filling & Spilling
  7. Water Stained Floor & Gifts
  8. Splashing & Spilling
  9. Hand and Knees - Fill & Empty
  10. Needles in the Carpet
  11. Gunk on the Floor
  12. More Plastic in the Landfill
Helping American consumers make better Christmas Tree buying decisions.
Biodegradable Crystal Fresh Biodegradable Crystal Fresh

NO MORE water stained floor & gifts!
NO MORE splashing & spilling!
NO MORE hands & knees to empty!

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Biodegradable Bio-Stand Biodegradable Bio-Stand

NO MORE rusty, leaking stand!
NO MORE clamps, screws and gadgets!
NO MORE constant filling & spilling!

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Biodegradable Bio-Bag Biodegradable Bio-Bag

NO MORE needles in the carpet!
NO MORE gunk on the floor!
NO MORE plastic in the landfill!

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