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Sunday, August 25, 2019

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Magneson Loop-Terrace 

The quiet neighborhood, tucked in behind King's Court in Los Gatos adds to its many neighborhood events, this new tradition of a tree in every front yard.


Outside Christmas trees have always been a tradition in this beautiful Los Gatos hillside neighborhood.

Blossom Manor 

Blossom Manor, located in the heart of Los Gatos, rings in the Holiday season this year with lighted trees in every front yard.

Cory Neighborhood 

Cory Neighborhood Association makes Christmas trees available at wholesale prices to all their residents.  In addition, it helps organizers raise funds to support the activities of the Neighborhood Association.

Ailsal Festoon 

"Festooning" with decorated Christmas trees in every front yard is a long-standing tradition in this beautiful  Willow Glen neighborhood.

Rose Garden 

The Rose Garden of San Jose is a wonderful place to view dozens of elegantly decorated homes at Holiday time.  It would not be the same without a Christmas tree in every front yard.

Shasta / Hanchett Park 

This upscale little neighborhood takes pride in celebrating the Holiday season with a vigorous display of lights and Holiday decorations.


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