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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Front Yard Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Buyers Groups

Front Yard Christmas Tree

The Old-World European tradition of displaying Christmas trees on every front lawn has spread across America.  Buying these trees at wholesale prices has never been easier or more cost effective than at Old Summit..

Whether you want to:

  • Join an existing Group
  • Register to become a Group Leader and start a new Group
      Enter your Group as "Company Name". We will contact you.
  • Expand your Group to include a Fundraiser
  • Or just buy Wholesale Christmas Trees for Family & Friends.
      Enter your group as "Company Name". We will contact you.

You can do it quickly and easily:

  • Free Front Yard Installation Kit
  • Free Use of Rebar Tree Support (refundable deposit)
  • Free Bulk Neighborhood Delivery (25 tree minimum)
  • Home Delivery & Setup Available
  • No Sales Tax Worries
  • Contact us to combine with charity Fundraiser
  • Minimum Order - 25 Trees or Wreaths
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